Welcome to “Beyond Words Tours”

The Beyond Words Tours name stems from the tenth anniversary of 9/11/2001 in Gander. Many of the “plane people” returned to Gander to commemorate what had happened during that week in September 2001. The idea behind the name is that the Ganderites had done so much; they had spoken so much in their actions that the whole week truly was a ‘beyond words’ experience.


Beyond Words Tours – A Come From Away Experience is a tour of Gander, showcases some of the key locals, places, and events of that week. Our tour will take you to the Gander International Airport, Gander Town Hall, and the College of the North Atlantic, finishing in the North Atlantic Aviation Museum.
The tour begins with where it all started, the airport, the stepping off point for the passengers once able to disembark their planes. They were brought through, taken care of and organized before being sent out into Gander and surrounding towns. At the town hall, there will be an exclusive look at the mayors office and a presentation by a notable local person!
Continuing on through Gander we next stop at the Gander Community Centre, which was affectionately known at the time as “the worlds largest refrigerator”. At the community centre tour patrons will gain an inside look at some of the things that the plane people had left behind or had sent back to Gander after the fact whether it was in 2001 or years later. These items will be displayed in our exclusive mini exhibit which is set up in one of the community centre multi purpose rooms!
Tours will be held Tuesday through Saturday and leave the museum at 1pm.
Feel free to read our Tour Coordinator thoughts in her blog page, and don’t forget to book your seat on one of our tours this tourism season, we’d love to show you around town!
Thank you for your interest in our tour.