Take a ‘Gander’ at this

Is everyone having an amazing summer like I am??

Having the TIME OF MY LIFE here at the museum! Things don’t get much better than whats on the go around these parts.

The tours are going over so well. People seem to be really loving them. One lady wrote in our guest book that the tour was a “must see” of Gander! Can’t get a much better compliment than that.

The next time you see us rolling around town we will have our van decked out in some wicked decals. Getting her all spruced up for the summer with our branding. Stay tuned for pictures of that.

Besides that things on my end have seemed to slow down a little bit. Since I have completed the tours I have been able to enjoy more time at the museum, which I always love.

One really really exciting thing that has happened was that BroadwayWorld.com wrote an article about Gander and how Come From Away had been driving people towards us. I was named dropped in the article which is pretty cool!!

I would really love to hear from you all, you can get in touch by emailing booking@beyondwordstour.com


And so we begin…

The tours are officially up and running, we have had a pretty exciting week with the start of them! While we have only had one tour this week, the response and the interest has been unbelievable. The calls and emails are coming in, and we already have people booking well in advance for their visit. I can only imagine it will get busier in the next couple weeks.

We’ve been very busy with distributing rack cards and putting up posters around town and the area! We’d love to see where you heard about us; whether its twitter or you picked up a card at your hotel.

Having already run through the tours a few times, I am excited to show you all these places and tell you about Gander’s story. Some of them you might have not heard before! Plus, I’m like fine cheese, I am only going to get better with age (and practice!).

Not to toot my own horn, but our first review is in from the Newfoundland Dog Company:

I look forward to seeing you over this summer season, cheers!


Bring on the Summer!

Hey folks,

I’m Abby Moss, the tour coordinator at the North Atlantic Aviation Museum. I have worked at the museum the past four summers and have now returned for my fifth year. There’s a lot to love about working at the museum, primarily the tourists. Getting a chance to talk and connect with the visitors who come through.

Working hard with Commander Gander to get the tours up and running

My work has varied a bit over the course of time I have been here. I started off working on the online database for the museum; putting all the museums collection in an easily accessible manner. To further that project I have also helped created a computer program for our display called “Flight Deck”, a place where everyone can come and get a behind signs look at artifacts, information, and photos. The museum has also recently put together a display for locals who have impacted the aviation world around us, I had a hand on working on that one as well. I also help run the social media for the museum, during the summer but also as a volunteer during the winter months.

So, I have certainly been kept busy these past several years. And while all this could certainly keep me busy full time, this summer I have a completely new job to tackle.

Beyond Words Tours is a very new product being produced this year. It is a tour directly related to the events that had happened in Gander during September 2001 here . This past month I have been extremely busy working towards putting this together. I

have been to more meetings and taken more phone calls than I know what to do with.

This blog will be a place where I can share stories about the people I meet, the locals I know, and everyone in between. I’ll share stories of the things that happen and events that take place. Already this summer I have been touched by so many and I can’t wait to see what the next three months brings along. I have so many stories to share with you, and I am sure you have just as many to share with me.


Gotta love Gander-land!

Welcome to our page!

My name is Abby Moss! Welcome to the online home of Beyond Words Tours, a project of North Atlantic Aviation Museum in support of the Ferry Command Memorial Hall initiative.

The Ferry Command Memorial Hall is a project the museum holds dear to its heart. Our Lockheed Hudson Bomber is one of six left in the world, and the only one left in North America. We have started an initiative to house this wonderful aircraft.

One way we are going to work towards our goal is through these tours. Providing a guided tour throughout the Town of Gander about the events that happened during 9/11. You will get an inside look along side with some local stories you might have not heard before.

Please feel free to contact me either by email (booking@beyondwordstour.com) or by phone at the museum (256-2923)